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Eagle's Nest Outfitters has 12 scenic river trips. You can experience all levels of the river, from easy to exciting. We have over 80 miles of river to pick your trip from. The South Branch of the Potomac River is one of the top ten paddling rivers in the United States. Our trips have provided the best bass and trout fishing in the state. Camping and hiking is a must if you really want to enjoy the scenery.

Prior to trip depature, your questions will be answered. We'll teach your party canoeing and kayaking skills and how to pack your feed and equipment in the canoe so please arrive at the base about one hour before depature for your trip.

Eagle's Nest Outfitters will personaly route your canoe trip. We teach you fishing techniques, mark the best campsites, fishing holes, scenic areas and unique points of intrest on the river.

For those of you who want to do the Smoke Hole/Big Bend Trip, we recommend you doing this trip in two days, because of road conditions. We'll be setting a time slot for the Smoke Hole trip to leave base at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. As most of you already know, the Smoke Hole/Big Bend and Smoke Hole Caverns trips are spring and early summer runs unless we have hard rain. So, call amd make reservations soon.

Note: The prices quoted below are per person, per day with vests, paddles, safety lecture, maps and shuttle to and from river, without a guide. Two persons per canoe minimum. There are other trips available not mentioned below.

Smoke Hole/Big Bend to Base (Class 1-3)

Smoke Hole Caverns to Base (Class 1-3)

Royan Glen Dam to Base (Class 1-3)

Base to Fisher Bridge (Class 1-2)

Old Fields Bridge to Harminson's
(The Trough Canyon)
(Class 1-2)


We have shuttle service available to individuals who own their canoe but want transportation to and from the river.

Eagle's Nest Campsites

We offer camping at our base with bathroom facilities, campfire and patio use. Camping at our facility ensures the earliest possible start the next day. We can also secure arrangements for camping at Eagle Rock at Smoke Hole. Please call and ask for details on these campsites.