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At Eagle's Nest Outfitters we have designed our fishing trips to provide you, the fisherman, with a maximum of outdoor enjoyment and minimum of hassle.

The South Branch of the Potomac River offers excellent fishing for smallmouth bass, some largemouth bass, trout (rainbow, brook, brown and golden rainbow), channel catfish, eels and carp.

Within 45 minutes, there are over 200 miles of trout streams. With over 909,000 acres of federal ownership, the Monongahela National Forest offers a variety of freshwater fishing experiences. The forest contains 600 miles of cold water streams, representing 50 percent of all trout water and 90 percent of native brook trout water in West Virginia. Forest streams provide habitat for stocked fingerling and catchable trout. Rainbow, golden rainbow, brown and brook trout are four species stocked regularly by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources (WVDNR). Naturally reproducing (wild) populations of brown and rainbow trout are often encountered in many forest streams. For those of you who want to do trout fishing, the Smoke Hole/Big Bend to Base is the trip you want to fish.

The warm water angler will be equally entertained with 350 miles of stream and some of the best smallmouth bass waters in the state, including the South Branch of the Potomac. Pound for pound the smallmouth bass is the fightingest fish in the river anywhere and we have plenty of those. Any of our trips have bass in them. It is not uncommon to catch up to 75 bass in one day of fishing. We recommend the Base to Fisher Bridge trip, because it's a catch and release area, which is holding big bass.

The state record smallmouth, 9.75 lbs., is from the South Branch. In 1992 the state record rainbow trout, 11.53 lbs., came from the South Branch. The fact is, four state records are from the South Branch. The present state record (1994) largemouth bass, 12 lbs. 4 1/2 oz., 25.63 inches, has been caught near Petersburg. There were 97 citations awarded in 1997 and 116 in 1998 for rainbow trout caught in the South Branch of the Potomac River. Several citations were also awarded for several other species of fish, including smallmouth bass, brook and brown trout, and golden rainbow trout. The South Branch of the Potomac issued the most citations in both 1997 and 1998 for rainbow and brown trout.

Each year Eagle's Nest Outfitters is actively involved with 15 articles produced by national media such as "National Geographic," "Sports Afield," "Bass Masters," "ESPN" and "TNN" to name a few. One outdoor writer told us that he has fished across the U.S.A. and still finds the South Branch his favorite. Not only because he catches more fish, but also because of the abundance of beautiful wildlife, such as deer, turkey, bald eagles and Canadian geese.

While we can't guarantee a state record or even a trophy fish, we'll do everything we can to help you get the trophy fish or state record you're looking for.

At Eagle's Nest, we cater every fishing trip to meet your needs and wants. We offer trips from six hours to seven days. Our guides will have a scale on guided fishing trips to weigh that trophy fish so you can get that trophy citation from the state. The guides keep updated on the latest fishing information so that when you come to Eagle's Nest Outfitters we can let you know what the fish are biting on and where. Also, remember that our fishing guides do everything from teaching first timers how to fish, to cooking meals streamside and setting up camp for overnight trips. Remember, if you want that special guide, call early to get the dates you want because the guides get booked early.

Please call Eagle's Nest Outfitters for prices on guided fishing trips because we offer different packages.

Fishing School

We offer a unique opportunity to learn either fly fishing or spinner rod fishing for beginners to intermediate level. We not only teach you how to cast, but how to catch fish, selecting the bait or lure for the conditions on the river and the techniques for river fishing, small stream, lake and pond fishing. Eagle's Nest Outfitters offers an outdoor adventure of a personal nature that you can afford. You'll enjoy our professional fun-loving instructors who will coach you in learning how to fish - from baiting your hook to learning how to read the river for fish habitat.

Fishing Shop & Guide Service

Eagle's Nest Outfitters offers a full-service fishing shop, guide service and equipment rental. Bring the family or friends for a fun day on the river fishing. Make Eagle's Nest Outfitters your one stop fishing source.

Note: The prices quoted below are per person, per day with vests, paddles, safety lecture, maps and shuttle to and from river, without a guide. Two persons per canoe minimum. There are other trips available not mentioned below.

Smoke Hole/Big Bend to Base (Class 1-3)

Smoke Hole Caverns to Base (Class 1-3)

Royan Glen Dam to Base (Class 1-3)

Base to Fisher Bridge (Class 1-2)

Old Fields Bridge to Harminson's
(The Trough Canyon)
(Class 1-2)

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